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Individual School Profile

This page is compiled by the Education Bureau based on voluntary contributions by the schools and their return to the annual enrolment survey conducted by the Education Bureau.  Any enquiries should be addressed to the schools direct.


                                 The International Montessori School (IMS) is a non-profit, dual-language (English and Putonghua Chinese) school providing a challenging academic curriculum in a nurturing multi-cultural learning environment.  Established in 2002, the school’s mission is to enable children to develop their individual gifts in a caring, supportive and respectful community.  

Located on four campuses across Hong Kong Island, IMS is the only accredited Montessori primary school in Greater China, serving children  aged 3 to 12 years from over 40 countries. The school pioneered a unique, individually tailored Chinese curriculum based on Montessori’s multi-sensory and interactive approach, and is considered one of the world’s leading Montessori dual-language programmes. 

Each IMS classroom is led by a team of two, an English-speaking and a native Putonghua-speaking teacher, and is carefully designed to give children opportunities to engage in meaningful learning with the proper balance of autonomy and guidance.   

The Montessori Primary Years curriculum begins from a strong academic foundation, and explores an integrated view of all disciplines. In this way, the children appreciate the interconnectedness of knowledge, are able to apply skills across the various areas and have a better understanding of how they can make a positive impact upon the world around them. Students are closely guided to follow their own interests, and extend their learning to the world outside the classroom, resulting in strongly motivated students who take ownership and responsibility for their own learning, a key measure for future success.

The Stanley Campus is IMS’ newest campus and was redesigned with the Montessori curriculum in mind. It consists of bright and open classes including specialized Chinese rooms, art room, music and dance studio, a large indoor hall and sports area and playgrounds for both its Casa (Kindergarten) and Primary students. Outside of the classroom, the IMS students of the Stanley campus also benefit of our new Native Language Lessons program, along with opportunities for sailing, robotics, sports, arts, dance, cooking and many more.


Contact details



Tel: 25667196
Fax: 25667188


Age of students

Primary medium of instruction


Year of establishment



English, Putonghua



School fees (HKD)  2019/20 school year

117,000-169,500  MORE
Operating Classes R1 R1 R2 R2 R3 R3 Y1
Annual School Fees in HK$ 157,000 117,000* 157,000 117,000* 157,000 117,000* 168,000
Age 3 3 4 4 5 5 6
Operating Classes Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6    
Annual School Fees in HK$ 168,000 168,000 169,500 169,500 169,500
Age 7 8 9 10 11    

Accreditation (Year of last review)




  1. International Montessori Council (2012)

Southern District

Non-profit making

Montessori, International

Special arrangement for incoming families

Please contact our Admissions Office at or by telephone to +852 2772 2468 for further information.

Support for students with special education needs Financial assistance / scholarship Facilities for hire

IMS encourages multiculturalism and inclusion of children from a broad variety of backgrounds, cultures and abilities, as this maximizes learning for all children in the Montessori environment. Second language learners are supported well in a multi-age classroom, where they can be successful in social settings while gaining confidence in English. Additional support for English language learning would be assessed. (Note: for those children who are new to Chinese, there are many children in a similar situation each year. Chinese lessons are taught as a new, additional language, in a group of children who are new to Chinese.)

For needs beyond ESL, IMS may require a therapist or psycho-educational evaluation to assist in the application process and determining the type of special support needed to support the individual child. In many such cases, additional support by a Montessori teacher or an assistant is required for some period of time in order to assist the child to meet academic targets.

Sudden financial distress support for enrolled children

Financial support for Stanley Community Students

School Hall/Auditorium
Sports ground