We ask interested operators to meet a specific set of requirements before starting an international school with a view to maintaining education standard and ensuring quality of international schools.

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Submit an application for registration as international school

A school should be registered as international school before it may be named an international school. In case an operator new to the international school sector in Hong Kong would like to operate an international school at a secured private premises or site, it has to apply for registration of the school as international school. Before doing so, the applicant should first ensure that the school has met all the start-up requirements as set out below, and prepare a written proposal setting out how the requirements have been met and provide relevant information and supporting documents.

In the proposal, the scale of the proposed school, including the number of places to be provided and the levels (i.e. primary or secondary or primary-cum-secondary) to be offered as well as the timing of delivery of the places should be indicated.

Applications should be sent to the Registration & Compliance Section of the Education Bureau. Whether applications are approved depends on the merits of each case. Applications which fail to satisfy the start-up requirements will not be processed.

Start-up requirements

  1. Registration under the Education Ordinance (Chapter 279 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and compliance with relevant planning, buildings and fire safety requirements as stipulated in relevant legislations in Hong Kong.
  2. Curriculum plan, i.e. specific indication on the national curriculum or international curriculum to be offered, sufficient information on the curriculum strategy which should be consistent with the guidelines published by the relevant education authorities.
  3. Demographic evidence to establish that an unmet demand for the relevant curriculum exists in Hong Kong and to substantiate the admission of primarily non-local students.
  4. At least 70% of the school places should be allocated to the target group(s) of students, that is, those who hold valid passport other than the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport or those who hold student visas for entry into Hong Kong for studies.
  5. Proven track record of school operation and full accreditation from an established accreditation body.
  6. Sustainable financial plan.
  7. Premises and/or site for school operation.
  8. Letters of recommendation from the relevant Consulate General and/or Chamber of Commerce, indicating support for the proposed school and their form of participation, if any, in the operation of the international school.