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What is it?

The School Allocation Exercise (“SAE”) is an open and competitive bidding process for the allocation of vacant school premises and greenfield sites (including those with no temporary or permanent building in existence before) for educational use, including international school use. Under the SAEs, applicant bodies are required to submit detailed proposals for consideration by the School Allocation Committee, which comprises official and non-official members. The Committee scrutinizes proposals received under the SAE and makes recommendations for consideration by the Permanent Secretary for Education. Click here for the membership list and terms of reference of the School Allocation Committee.

SAE for international school development will be conducted when vacant school premises and/or greenfield sites suitable for international school development are available to meet the demand. 

In most cases, an Expression of Interest (“EoI”) exercise will be launched prior to the SAE to ascertain the development needs of the international school sector and its interests in the available premises and/or sites.  If, after taking into account the response received in the EoI exercise, the Government satisfies that an SAE should be launched, parties who have responded to the EoI will be invited to participate in the SAE.