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Advice to parents

  • Individual international schools set their own requirements and procedures for student admission. You are advised to contact the admission office of individual international schools direct for details, including arrangement for school tours, if any.
  • Most international schools start their school years in August.  Application for admission to international schools usually opens one year beforehand.  You should plan ahead for the admission of your child. Subject to availability, some schools accept application all-year round, others offer on-line application.
  • Some international schools may give favourable considerations to their nationals, referrals from chambers of commerce, siblings of existing students, or children of the staffs.  Do check with the schools to see what they offer.
  • Some international schools raise funds through nomination rights schemes, debentures schemes or capital levies to finance capital developments and enhancement of school facilities for the purpose of meeting the design of their respective curriculum and infrastructural requirements. Some of these schemes are not mandatory and the amount collected would be repaid to parents in full or at the prevailing price when their children leave school. Make sure you fully understand the terms before making an application and subscription to these schemes.
  • Some international schools offer support and services for students with special education needs. You can approach individual schools for more details.
  • Hong Kong is a small place with a well-connected road network and an efficient public transport system.  If the international school closest to your home has no vacancies, do consider those slightly further. A good number of new and quality international schools have been set up in Kowloon and the New Territories.  Make use of the search engine to find schools by their location.
  • If you are not able to find an international school which suits your needs among those listed here, try the Private Independent Schools. Your child may love the experience which is equally enjoyable and fulfilling.