We ask interested operators to meet a specific set of requirements before starting an international school with a view to maintaining education standard and ensuring quality of international schools.

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Look for a premises and/or a site

A number of international schools operate on school premises and sites leased from or granted by the Government, while some are on private land and in leased properties.

While there is no policy to provide accommodation for private schools including international schools, School Allocation Exercise for international school development, which is an open and competitive process, will be conducted when vacant school premises and/or greenfield sites suitable for international school development are available. To make use of sites and/or premises on Government land for international school development, school operators can participate in the School Allocation Exercise. For school operators who are allocated a premises/site through the School Allocation Exercise and have entered into relevant agreements with the Government, their schools at the allocated premises/sites will be allowed to register as international schools. School operators who wish to be notified of the next allocation exercise may register their interest here.

School operators looking for a premises and/or a site for development of an international school on private land should liaise with the private land owners direct. The school operator(s) has/have to ensure that such development should comply with the relevant statutory town plans. They should also seek independent legal advice on lease conditions.