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Individual School Profile

This page is compiled by the Education Bureau based on voluntary contributions by the schools and their return to the annual enrolment survey conducted by the Education Bureau.  Any enquiries should be addressed to the schools direct.

SCHOOL NAME:THE HARBOUR SCHOOL (Ap Lei Chau Estate, The Grove Campus)

                                 The Harbour School is a progressive international school with an emphasis on science, social studies/history, rhetoric and the arts and a structured individualized approach to the core subject areas of literacy and numeracy. The in-class teacher to student ratio averages one to eight. Our international population of students and teachers come from over twenty-eight countries, creating a culturally and socially diverse environment. History is studied through hands-on role-playing scenarios, and science is interactive and experimental. Children study marine science on The Black Dolphin, a 50-foot sailing vessel that serves as an “outdoor classroom.” Students are taught to clearly articulate their views, listen to others, and use their voices for persuasion, collaboration and story-telling. At The Harbour School, we take the lessons of positive psychology seriously and attempt to create a vibrant, productive and happy environment in which children can feel confident to “find their voice.” The Harbour School philosophy is that children are individuals who have different interests, strengths and weaknesses that can only be addressed through a customized approach and a high teacher: student ratio. While this benefits all children, those who are highly advanced are introduced to and encouraged to complete advanced materials, while children who struggle in a particular area may receive additional help in that area. The emphasis is not on the memorization of facts but on critical thinking and analysis, articulation of thoughts and collaboration with others, self-confidence and perseverance in creative endeavors, civic awareness and responsibility. Students at The Harbour School become authentic producers, innovative learners, and globally conscious citizens in a creative and child-centered program.

For other campus(es) of the school, please go to: 
THE HARBOUR SCHOOL (Ap Lei Chau Centre, The Garden Campus)

Remark: Places offered below in the table refers to the number of places offered by the whole school.


Contact details

332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong


Tel: 3905 0180


Age of students

Primary medium of instruction


Year of establishment

Secondary cum Primary





School fees (HKD)  2019/20 school year

196,000-196,000  MORE
Operating Classes Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6  
Annual School Fees in HK$ 196,000 196,000 196,000 196,000 196,000 196,000
Age 6 7 8 9 10 11  

Accreditation (Year of last review)




  1. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (2015)

Southern District

Non-profit making


Special arrangement for incoming families

Admission may be completed long-distance when necessary, and places reserved for children moving to Hong Kong

Support for students with special education needs Financial assistance / scholarship Facilities for hire

Our customized curriculum with average 1:8 in-class teacher to student ratio allows us to address a diversity of needs (e.g. gifted, specific learning disorders or attentional problems) in class. We also have a strong Learning Support Department for children 2 years advanced or behind in a specific subject.

Students may apply for fee waivers or scholarships.

School hall/auditorium