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Tenancy Agreement and Private Treaty Grant

The Tenancy Agreement (“TA”) and the Private Treaty Grant (“PTG”) stipulate the terms and conditions for the occupation and use of the Government premises and sites respectively.

The TA is a lease executed between the successful applicant and the Education Bureau or the Housing Authority (for vacant school premises within Public Housing Estates).An applicant allocated with greenfield site shall submit application to the Lands Department for the grant of the greenfield site by way of a PTG.

Similar to the Service Agreement (“SA”), the initial term of a TA or a PTG is 10 years. Further extension of the TA or PTG is at the discretion of the Government. Both the TA and the PTG shall be co-terminus with the corresponding SA.  In other words, if the TA or the PTG is terminated, the SA will also be terminated accordingly, and vice versa.