We support and facilitate international schools to provide quality education services and to meet the demand of the community.

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Support in-situ expansion and redevelopment

Existing international schools are encouraged to better utilise their existing premises and/or sites and undergo in-situ expansion or redevelopment to meet unmet demand. Examples include adding a new block or a new storey within existing school compound, demolishing the existing premises for redevelopment, or making use of unutilised area within their sites for constructing new buildings. Subject to availability, decanting premises may be provided on a time-limited basis to schools to facilitate their expansion or redevelopment projects.

These projects often involve making applications to other government departments or organisations. For example, expansion by adding new blocks or storeys or redevelopment of existing school compound will require submission of building proposal to the Buildings Department for approval and consent of the proposed buildings and building works. The proposal will also be considered by relevant departments including the Lands Department, the Planning Department, or the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Others may need to go through the Town Planning Board. Some departments would request policy support from the Education Bureau. Schools whose projects have reached this stage should first go through the checklist and consider if their projects are at an appropriate stage to seek policy support from the Education Bureau.