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Service Agreement

To ensure the quality of education services provided by international schools and to enhance school accountability, the applicant allocated with vacant school premises and/or greenfield sites for international school development under the School Allocation Exercise (“SAE”) has to enter into a Service Agreement (“SA”) with the Government. The SA, amongst others, governs the compliance of the successful applicant in its operation and management of the international school with the detailed proposal submitted at the SAE, the School Development Plan, the Education Ordinance, the Education Regulations, specific conditions applicable to that SAE, other related legislations and such other requirements as specified from time to time by the Government and the implementation of education policies applicable to international schools.The initial term of an SA is 10 years, subject to renewal at successive five-year terms at the sole discretion of the Government.

Here is the standard text of the SA for reference only: For greenfield sites, For vacant school premises.  Please note that the clauses therein are subject to change in accordance with the prevailing Government policy as well as on a case-by-case basis.