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Individual School Profile

This page is compiled by the Education Bureau based on voluntary contributions by the schools and their return to the annual enrolment survey conducted by the Education Bureau.  Any enquiries should be addressed to the schools direct.


                                 ICHK is a school which is proud to embrace innovation in learning. 
We deliver a stimulating curriculum for expatriates from around the world and English speaking local Chinese students. 
Our school is small by intention and fuelled by a commitment to provide students with a cutting-edge, research driven education. 
At the heart of everything we do is a fundamental commitment: to provide our students with the very best education we can offer, day in, day out, year on year. That is why our class sizes are small, our curriculum innovative, our campus green and spacious, our teachers passionate, and our community intimate and enabling. 
Students gain internationally recognised academic qualifications, whilst developing the essential life skills of critical thinking, leadership, personal resilience, collaboration and independent learning. 
In Years 7-9 we offer an exciting and innovative curriculum aimed at preparing students for the IGCSE and IB programmes in the senior school. Learning is centred on emerging best practices, using insights and innovations from around the world. 
Our programme features a combination of established subjects including English, Mathematics and Science, along with courses of our own design like Human Technologies. These are steeped in educational research and help to ensure that students develop the skills to meet the challenges of a globalized and technology-centred 21st Century economy. 
An IB World School, we are situated in a stunning location in the New Territories, providing students with unrivalled opportunities to enjoy and grow through outdoor experiences. In our uniquely natural environment, students play sport and enjoy after-school activities from dozens of choices ranging from sailing and horseriding, to environmental action. They are able to make full use of the nearby coastline and country parks for hiking, sailing, kayaking, cross country running and cycling. 
At ICHK, our focus is relentlessly future-orientated. We know that change in the world is constant and accelerating. We know that students need a new and wider set of skills if they are to meet the challenges that await: that, in an information and ideas based economy, it is attitudes and mindsets, no less than qualifications, that will underpin ongoing performance and success. And so we have created – and continually evolve – a school experience that best prepares young people for that future. 


Contact details



Tel: 26559018
Fax: 26559788


Age of students

Primary medium of instruction


Year of establishment






School fees (HKD)  2019/20 school year

163,800-182,000  MORE
Operating Classes Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13
Annual School Fees in HK$ 163,800 163,800 163,800 170,800 170,800 182,000 182,000
Age 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Accreditation (Year of last review)




  1. International Baccalaureate Organisation (2011),
  2. Council of International Schools (2012)

North District

Non-profit making

British, IB

Special arrangement for incoming families

Overseas families are offered a higher admissions priority. We assist such families by simplifying the application process, connecting them with current members of our school community, and by providing them with general and specific advice on schools and areas to live.

Support for students with special education needs Financial assistance / scholarship Facilities for hire

We support students with EAL needs with both in-class support and withdrawal classes. Students with dyslexia and other Special Education Needs can also be supported provided they can be accommodated within our mainstream classes.

New students can apply for Category A (Academic) and Category C (Financial) scholarships. Current students can apply for Category B Scholarships. Five percent of all tuition fees fund these programmes.

School Hall/Auditorium