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Individual School Profile

This page is compiled by the Education Bureau based on voluntary contributions by the schools and their return to the annual enrolment survey conducted by the Education Bureau.  Any enquiries should be addressed to the schools direct.


                                 Harrow International School Hong Kong is the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong. It opened in September 2012 and now has a combined roll of 1180 students from Early Years to Y13 in its Lower School and Upper School. Located in a magnificent crescent-shaped building with custom-built facilities near the Gold Coast, Tuen Mun, the School integrates elements of educational philosophy, practice and traditions from Harrow School in England into the diverse international community of Hong Kong to provide a highly distinctive education.

Learning activities and experiences in and out of the classroom focus on the development of the six leadership attributes outlined in the School's vision statement Leadership for a better world: 1.        Contributing positively to the community
2.        Applying knowledge with compassion
3.        Solving problems collaboratively
4.        Solving problems creatively
5.        Making fair and just choices
6.        Facing challenges with determination
The School has a number of phases in its Lower School (K1-Y5) and the Upper School (Y6-Y13):
  • The Early Years (K1 and K2) follows the English based 'Early Years Foundation Stage' Curriculum.
  • The Pre-Prep School (Y1 to Y5) follows the English based 'National Curriculum of England (2014)'.
  • The Prep School (Y6 to Y8) offers a skills-based curriculum based on the National Curriculum designed to manage the transition from the homeroom environment in the Pre-Prep School to the more subject-specific environment in the Senior School.
  • The Senior School (Y9 to Y11) curriculum is based on IGCSE courses studied over three years.
  • The Sixth Form (Y12 to Y13) curriculum is based on A-level courses studied over two years, together with the Extended Project Qualification and the School's own Harrow International Perspectives course.
Boarding can begin from Y6 in the Prep School on a weekly basis from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Just under 50% of students in the Upper School board, but all day students are members of a House. There are currently three boys' and three girls' Prep Houses (Y6 to Y8), and four boys' and four girls' Senior Houses (Y9 to Y13).

Contact details



Tel: 28249099
Fax: 28249928


Age of students

Primary medium of instruction


Year of establishment

Secondary cum Primary





School fees (HKD)  2019/20 school year

149,924-203,868  MORE
Operating Classes R1 R2 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5
Annual School Fees in HK$ 149,924 149,924 171,671 171,671 171,671 171,671 171,671
Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Operating Classes Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12
Annual School Fees in HK$ 196,091 196,091 196,091 196,091 196,091 196,091 203,868
Age 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Operating Classes Y13            
Annual School Fees in HK$ 203,868
Age 17            

Accreditation (Year of last review)





Tuen Mun District

Non-profit making

British (EYFS, National Curriculum, IGCSE, A-level)

Special arrangement for incoming families

Priority for admission is given to eligible students from overseas without a school place in Hong Kong and a small number of places are reserved for late applicants from overseas.

Support for students with special education needs Financial assistance / scholarship Facilities for hire

The School has a full-time Psychologist, Individual Needs Coordinator and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Coordinator.

The School provides merit-based financial awards for students who are gifted in academic work and/or extra-curricular pursuits where outstanding talent is evident. The aim of the scholarships and bursaries is to enable the School to draw gifted students from all sections of the global community, irrespective of their parents’ financial circumstances. With bursary supplementation, virtually full remission of fees is available depending on need. Scholarships and bursaries are available from Y6.

School Hall/Auditorium
Sports ground
Swimming pool

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