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Reimburse government rent and rates

When an international school and its school sponsoring body have both obtained the non-profit-making status (i.e. those which are exempted from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Chapter 112 of the Laws of Hong Kong)), the school may apply to our Regional Education Offices for reimbursement of government rent and rates for the registered school portion of the premises and/or sites. The international school and/or its school operator should reaffirm their non-profit-making status annually, through, for example, the audited accounts submitted for scrutiny.


Remember to seek approval from the Regional Education Offices and update your school registration record in taking forward plans to conduct any minor or major works including structural alterations to the premises, or school expansion/redevelopment so as to sustain the reimbursement for the registered school. In case an adjustment to the reimbursement amount is required, the new reimbursement amount will take effect from the date of approval (or date of application depending on the circumstances of the case).