We support and facilitate international schools to provide quality education services and to meet the demand of the community.

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Guiding principles

The basic principle for allocation of premises and sites for international school development is to select applicants which are most able to utilise the allocated premises and/or sites to operate quality international schools to meet the needs of the community.  Quality of education is the prime consideration.

The premises and sites will be allocated on a competitive basis.  Applicants involving more than one premises or site for operation of one single school will be considered separately along with the applicants who have applied for the same premises or site.

The premises and site will be allocated for long-term use of international schools.  To ensure additional places will be provided through the allocated premises and sites as early as possible, applicants which propose using the premises or sites for interim arrangement (e.g. for decanting use which generally does not involve the provision of additional places within a short period of time) will not be considered.

In general, the following aspects will be considered holistically and supporting documentary proof will be requested from applicants when they submit the detailed proposals.  Please note that the following is subject to adjustments for each SAE.

  1. Vision and mission;
  2. Management and organisation;
  3. Learning and teaching;
  4. Student support;
  5. Student mix and admission policy;
  6. Financial plan and fee policy;
  7. Quality assurance and accreditation;
  8. Meeting the needs of the community.