Existing operators of international schools are encouraged to undergo in-situ expansion and redevelopment plans to upgrade school facilities and offer new places to meet the needs of the community.


In general, the Education Bureau gives favourable consideration to proposed in-situ expansion and redevelopment plans from international schools, particularly when better-equipped facilities are to be provided for the benefits of students, and additional places are to be offered to meet the needs of the community. School operators should meet the costs of the expansion or redevelopment projects with their own fund.

There are mainly two types of expansion. One involves minor works in the school premises, including structural alterations to the existing premises, subdivisions of a classroom, and alterations to the latrine accommodation or the sanitary arrangements of the school or in the ventilation or lighting of a classroom. The other type of expansion involves new storeys or new blocks within the school site. In both cases, you should notify the Regional Education Offices before the works commence, seek their written consent in accordance with the Education Regulations, and seek to register the new portion as an extension of the school premises when the proposed works have been approved by Regional Education Offices and upon completion of the construction works.