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What happens after SAE?

Offer letters will be sent to successful applicants regarding the allocation result.  Once the offers are accepted, the Education Bureau will request the successful applicants to provide proof on the tax exemption status within a specified period.

Following which, the Education Bureau will arrange to execute with each successful applicant a Service Agreement, as well as a Tenancy Agreement (for vacant school premises, by the Education Bureau or the Housing Department) and/or a Private Treaty Grant (for greenfield sites, by the Lands Department).  The premises and/or sites will be handed over to the successful applicant upon the completion of the above formalities.

For cases that are subject to the Buildings Ordinance, successful applicants shall appoint an Authorized Person (an architect, civil or structural engineer, or surveyor registered under the Buildings Ordinance) to prepare and submit building plans for the development of the greenfield sites and where applicable alterations and additions plans on the refurbishment and/or renovation of the premises to the Buildings Department. For further details, please visit the website at

The above procedures normally take at least several months.  Successful applicants are advised to take into account the time needed when planning for the commencement of the international schools to be set out at the allocated sites and/or premises.


The premises and sites will be handed over to the successful applicants on an as-is basis.  The status of the premises and sites may be subject to change at the time of allocation, which is in turn subject to applicable procedures and the successful and timely surrender of the premises and sites by the current occupants, if any.