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Individual School Profile

This page is compiled by the Education Bureau based on voluntary contributions by the schools and their return to the annual enrolment survey conducted by the Education Bureau.  Any enquiries should be addressed to the schools direct.


                                 About ESF

The English Schools Foundation (ESF) is the largest provider of English-medium international education in Hong Kong. Our 22 schools and comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities bring out the best in every student through a personalised approach to learning and by inspiring curious minds. 

Our strategic intent is to be the key driver of best practice in teaching and learning. Our model of education is on the cutting-edge of global innovation producing excellent outcomes for our students. 

There are more than 17,000 students from about 60 different nationalities in ESF schools, Private Independent Schools and kindergartens. About 70% of our students have parents who are permanent residents of Hong Kong. 

South Island School

South Island School is an ESF secondary school. The school is a dynamic, innovative and forward looking school located in a green setting on the south side of Hong Kong Island. It caters for 1,400 students from 35 different nations. The school prides itself on its strong learning-based philosophy, its international outlook, its personalised curriculum and its high academic standards.  There is a focus on the development of students’ personal qualities, fostering a student skill set which is creative and contemporary and developing community responsibility under the banner of “Making a Difference”.  The school makes excellent provision for children with moderate learning difficulties through a Learning Support Class.


Contact details



Tel: 25559313
Fax: 25538811


Age of students

Primary medium of instruction


Year of establishment

ESF Secondary





School fees (HKD)  2018/19 school year

128,400-135,000  MORE
Operating Classes Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13
Annual School Fees in HK$ 128,400 128,400 128,400 128,400 128,400 135,000 135,000
Age 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Accreditation (Year of last review)




  1. International Baccalaureate Organisation (2017),
  2. BTEC (2014),
  3. Council of International Schools (2015),
  4. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (2015)

Southern District

Non-profit making

Y7-11 covers a broad range of subjects, MYP (Years 7 - 9) and GCSE/IGCSE. Post 16, IB Diploma (IBDP), IB Careers Related Programme (IBCP). Life Skills Pathway for students with special learning needs. Chinese options: first, second and foreign language.

Special arrangement for incoming families

It is possible for online applications to be submitted for admissions to ESF while families are overseas and before relocation to Hong Kong. The ESF introduced the Nomination Rights scheme in November 2012 to facilitate any family wishing to ‘fast track’ on a school’s wait list. Corporate Nominees gain first priority for admissions. Individual Nomination Rights Nominees will gain a priority behind siblings. All applicants are required to satisfy our entry requirements for admissions. Please refer to the ESF website for details:

Support for students with special education needs Financial assistance / scholarship Facilities for hire

Learning Support Centre for students with moderate learning difficulties

ESF’s Financial Assistance Scheme is available for families who have encountered “sudden and unexpected” change of circumstances during the period of 12 months immediately prior to date of application.

Please contact the school for further details.